LocoNet, The Digitrax Difference Section Added to Support Tab

"LocoNet, the Digitrax Difference" has been added to the Support Tab.  Just click on the Support Tab at the top of the home page and then click on LocoNet to see this new section.

You'll find general information about LocoNet's features, architecture, and general philosophy.

A comprehensive LocoNet Overview article with how-to information on wiring and troubleshooting LocoNet on your layout. 

DigiMon and LocoNet Checker software downloads to let you see the message traffic on your layout's LocoNet.  These are great de-bug tools that can be a really big help.

Links to our current LocoNet Licensees and their products.  Our LocoNet Licensees make a lot of exciting products that you might find interesting for your layout.

LocoNet Personal Edition description and specification download.  LocoNet Personal Edition is available to all modelers for personal non-commercial use on their home layouts.

If you decide to build software or products that use LocoNet, this section has LocoNet Licensing Information for Developers.