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We created Simon Says Hobbies and Games because we experienced a need for a traditional Hobby Shop and games shop south of Brisbane. For us, as our children grew, we searched for the traditional leisure activities, which we found to be dominated by technology.


Our family enjoyed playing board games, and we believe that the combination of traditional pastimes (boardgames, card games, hobbies, model trains and model making) is a supportive concept, such that a person who has the interest and imagination to play board games, may also have or be willing to develop an interest in model making and vice versa.


The growth of the electronic games market in recent times has dominated leisure activites to the point that parents and schools are potentially looking for alternatives that promote thinking, strategy and creativity in a real social environment, as opposed to a virtual environment.  Simon Says Hobbies and Games hopes to provide young people and growing families with an opportunity to experience, and in some cases relearn, skills and creativity provided by traditional games and hobbies.  


We promote our ethos of social interaction through our hobby and games nights which we hold reguarly in the store. We encourage all of our customers to come along.


At Simon Says we combine the personal experience of a retail store with the convenience of a website for those, who are unable to come in store.


Simon and Heather