Decoder Installation

DH123D Installation

DH123D installation inside an Athearn Blue Box GP40-2

DH163AT Installation

DH163AT installation inside an Athearn Blue Box GP40-2

DH163PS Installation

DH163PS installation inside a Kato HO SD80MAC

DH163PS Installation in Walther's Life-Like Proto 1000 GP15

DH163PS Installation inside the Walther's Life-Like Proto 1000 GP-15 Locomotive.

DN142PS Installation

DN142PS installation inside a Life-Like Proto 1000 HO scale locomotive.

DZ123MK0 Installation

DZ123MK0 installation inside a Marklin Mini Club 88455 locomotive.

DZ123MK1 Installation

DZ123MK1 Installation inside a Marklin Z-scale 88584 locomotive.

DZ123Z0 Installation

DZ123Z0 installation inside a AZL Z GP-30 locomotive.

Generic Install into a Kato N Scale GS-4

This video shows you how to install a decoder inside the Kato N Scale GS-4 locomotive.